About Candlelit Yoga


Candlelit Yoga is a slow paced and restorative class. We use bolsters, blankets and other props to 'bring the ground up' to support you in each pose (asana) so that your body can relax fully and deeply into each posture. Each asana is supported for up to 10 minutes. The effect is very calming for the mind, often students will be in a meditative state throughout the entire class and benefits include clearing of the mind, lowering blood pressure, assisting in recovery of sleep disorders, anxiety, headaches, inflammation, stress and tension.

Holding poses in this supported way, allows the fascia of the body to release, so the effects can also be a little like that of a good massage.

What Our Clients Say

"As a recent recruit to yoga, I quickly discovered my preference for the slower pace of a restorative style. Letty’s classes are perfect, a great antidote to a hectic lifestyle and compliment a more intense exercise regime perfectly.

She has a natural teaching ability explaining not only the poses but guiding the mind and body too. With the sessions feeling therapeutic and relaxing, I am certainly a convert."

Jill Tisdall