Why it is so important to regularly exercise?

As soon as we reach the ages of 40 we all begin to lose muscle mass  (wastage) not fat!  Within just 1 year women in average will lose 90 grammes of muscle mass and men up to a staggering 500 grammes.   This can cause declining health, energy slumps, height loss and weight gain, combined with aches and pains from either injury or long term bad posture. Strength and functional training can combat this..

We will establish which type of training we feel would be appropriate for you. We pride ourselves on 'results based' training and will give you the support and education you need to achieve your physical and mental goals no matter what your age, gender or ability.


Meet the Team


Toni French
I first began my fitness career in 1997 as a freelance aerobics instructor, progressing quickly to Studio Co-ordinating Manager & Personal Trainer at a local Health & Country Club. I worked closely alongside both an Osteopath and Sports Injury Massage Therapist which led to vast ongoing training and development specialising mainly in Pilates. I then went on to open my first Pilates Studio which is now in it's 8th successful year and I still revel in finding new and exciting methods to share with our fantastic team of instructors.

Gill Pallen
I spent 23 years behind a desk working but the long hours and commuting lost their appeal and I took voluntary redundancy. Enjoying the freedom, I was at the gym most days and decided to channel these energies into teaching. I qualified as a fitness instructor in 2001.  I fell in love with Pilates qualifying as a mat work instructor in 2003. This passion grew and I qualified to teach on the Cadillac, Springboard, Reformer and Wunda Chair. I firmly believe in the restorative benefits of Pilates to both mind and body.

Hannah Littlefield
After having my children I took up Pilates to enhance my post natal recovery and to improve my posture. I was suffering from an ongoing knee injury and needed an effective form of exercise that wasn't going to put stress on my joints. Pilates led me to a complete change in career direction and I decided to take up the challenge of becoming an instructor. I completed my Pilates Mat Course and then went on to train as a Barre Pilates instructor. Together these have transformed my physique and posture.


Monique Long
I have been working in the fitness industry for 25 years in the areas of Dietetics, Advance Personal Training, Swedish Massage, Group Fitness and Fitness Modelling. Over the last 10 years I have entered the area of Pilates due to my own encounter with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. I went to a physiotherapy clinic where the treatment incorporated the fundamentals of Pilates. My mobility, balance, stability and strength dramatically improved in a short period of time leaving me pain free. Pilates is now a way of life for me.

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