About Personal Training

We offer dual or one-to-one personal training for Pilates, Yoga and Somatic Movement Therapy whether for rehabilitation from injury to advanced conditioning.  Our qualified tutors will create bespoke programmes tailored to your specific needs. You will receive 'results based' training, care and education in achieving your physical & emotional goals.  We have experienced and enthusiastic instructors on hand ready to give you all the personal attention you require.


What Our Clients Say

"I have two, one-to-one personal training sessions every week. The trainers are quite different but very complementary. The concentration is on increasing flexibility and core strength and entirely tailored to your individual needs and ability. I enjoy every minute and thoroughly recommend them if you wish to enhance your health and wellbeing."

Martin Long
Co-owner Crystal Palace Football Club
Owner Sweetwoods Park Golf Club

What Our Clients Say

"Toni is a first class, gifted Personal Trainer...She seems to have a sympathetic, magic touch with her training regimes, always knowing just what is needed, paying special attention to problem areas, never pushing you beyond your capabilities. I feel more energised and positive and many aches and pains tend to disappear after my training sessions with Toni."

Susan Schooling



What Our Clients Say

"It has been a real pleasure if only for a few weeks to practise one-to-one and class sessions at Toni’s Pilates. I wish I had found out about this studio sooner! The instructors are absolutely great. I have chosen to move area and so wish I could take this studio away with me! Thank you all so much."

Vanessa Freedland

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